Pookoo Industrial Co., Ltd.


Quality LED lamps

Pookoo Industrial Co. Ltd. supplies an assortment of LED lights, including MR16 spotlights, E27 bulbs, PAR lights, T8/T9 light tubes, light bars, desk lamps, and floodlights, and so on. All of the products are outfitted with chips from big-name suppliers such as Bridgelux, Cree, Lumileds, and Epistar.

With the crucial input of skilled and experienced R&D engineers, the company’s lamps combine advanced LED technology with good design, enabling them to deliver outstanding performance. They meet all the requirements of next-generation lighting.

Pookoo was founded in 1982 and began life by exporting electronic components, and it has expanded exporting LED lighting products since four years ago in response to rising eco-consciousness worldwide. LED lights are known for generating much more illumination than traditional light sources with the same amount of electricity.

The company designs and produces all of its lights in Taiwan. The products are compliant with RoHS and obtain CE, FCC and UL approvals, in addition to a two-year warranty.

In addition, Pookoo provides efficient after-sales service and deals promptly with customers’ problems.

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