Cosmos & Hermes Co., Ltd.


Exporter and manufacturer of 360° LED bulbs, and LED tubes

Founded in Taiwan as a manufacturer and exporter of auto lamps back in 1992, Cosmos & Hermes Co. expanded into LED auto lamps in 2001 and LED light bulbs in 2006.

The company has won patents for several of the unique designs incorporated into its LED lamps, including a heat sink, Light Projecting, and two-side emitting function.

The company has introduced a 360-degree omnidirectional bulb, an ideal replacement for incandescent bulbs in traffic lights, park street lights, floor lamps, bedside lamps and chandeliers. Just change bulb, the original lamps can be kept using, no need to abandon that is the commitement to protect the environment.

The company has produced the LED bulbs which have the lowest power consumption comparing with the same type of other LED bulbs. Light decay of our LED bulbs is smaller than 20% within 2,000 hours and 80% efficiency from 2,000 hours to 30,000 hours. This really reach the energy saving and carbon reduction.

Cosmos & Hermes believes that the key to success in its industry is keeping innovative. Pursuant to this belief, the company has never ceased converting new ideas into tangible designs and pursuant to its goal of providing customers with optimal products and services.

Export markets include South Africa, the United States, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Malaysia, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Egypt, Canada, the Philippines, Finland, and Italy.

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