Kao Fu Gear Works Co., Ltd.


Timing gears, spur gears, worms and worm gears, spiral bevel gears, gear racks

Kao Fu Gear Works Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of gears with more than 30 years of experience in the line.

Drawing on a rich store of consummate manufacturing techniques and extensive knowledge of the properties of gears, the company is devoted to the development and upgrading of gears that feature improved precision and friction resistance as well as lower prices. It is this devotion that sets Kao Fu apart from its peers and justifies its outstanding reputation among customers all around the world.

A comprehensive set of advanced facilities bought in from the developed countries strengthens the company’s competitive advantage. It uses high-precision slotting machines from the U.K., for instance, to make sure that its gear racks feature precise pitch and high efficiency.

After decades of development, Kao Fu is capable of turning out many kinds of gears and related products including timing gears, spur gears, worms and worm gears, spiral bevel gears, and gear racks. In addition to its homegrown products, the company can also turn out high-quality gears on an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing) basis to meet the different requirements of its customers.

Committed to the continuous improvement of gear quality and performance, the company strives constantly to enhance its time-tested skills, accumulated knowledge, and high-precision facilities. This makes it an ideal choice for professional buyers who want to build mutually beneficial partnerships in today’s increasingly competitive global market.

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