Comfort Lighting Inc.


Touch lamps, pendant lamps, track lamps, other lamps, and lighting electronics

Found in 1979, Comfort Lighting Inc. supplies OEM/ODM-based touch lamps, pendant lamps, track lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, and lighting electronics produced at its factories in Taipei, northern Taiwan, and Zhuhai, mainland China.

The company has built up a self-sufficient capability in dimming, touch, sensing, and switch technologies for its lighting products, which come in both LED and incandescent types mostly for residential and commercial applications. The products integrate advanced electronics, one result of which is a total dimming solution for LED lighting which distinguishes Comfort Lighting from its competitors.

Over the past three decades, Comfort Lighting's integrity and solid technological background have helped build up long-term partnership with customers.

The company is firm in the belief that the key to success in its industry is keeping innovative. In pursuit of that belief, the firm never slackens in its effort to convert new ideas into tangible designs. Pursuant to its goal providing customers with the best of products and services, Comfort Lighting has been persistently enhancing its manufacturing capacity by adding new production software and hardware.

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